Wild Fertility

Getting to the root of healthy living for a fertile life

It is my pleasure to introduce you to, and explain to you Wild Fertility!

I do not want you to go “wild for fertility” or make it your number one focus, but my intention is to gently guide you into creating a lifestyle that is more aligned with and wild in nature and thus your reproductive system.

Who am I? Owner of a fertility clinic/scientist/researcher specializing in endocrinology, cell biology and Chinese medicine who has been helping families to conceive and welcome new little ones into their families for 13 years.

Our reproductive systems are a bit less demanding than our other body systems (like the cardiovascular and immune systems) in the sense that we do not require them for survival, they are often the last to receive attention. Improving your overall health from the root up will greatly improve the function of your reproductive system, and as a benefit, your other systems will become stronger.

I will include topics from the following health pillars that you can make small adjustments to in order to not only benefit your reproductive system, but your overall health.


How to find food in it’s most wild and natural form that your body can make the best use of nutrient-wise


How to exercise for optimal hormone balance for fertility


How fertile sleep can re-balance your hormones


Manageable stress management tips to improve circulation and optimize your hormone levels


Eliminate excess chemical load from your environment by making little adjustments to your lifestyle

Don’t worry..they will be easy to understand and incorporate. I don’t sell any shakes, powders, pills, diet plans etc., these are all things you can work in to your own lifestyle!

Create Lasting Change

In another universe I live on a quaint little farm where I gather chicken eggs, milk goats, tend to my garden and make my own cleaning products. In my real life I live in a loft.. no garden, no goats, and with two daughters ages teen and tween. We are a three ring circus operation just getting into the car & to school most days and a hurricane of homework, dinner and lessons most evenings. Sooo, I know you’re busy! My goal is to steer you back to nature as much as possible, in a modern way.. in the modern world we live in today, while respecting your wonderful and packed schedule.

My goal is to give you ways to manage the root of impasses to fertile health in order to create lasting change.

Go At Your Own Pace

Take these bits of well-researched and time tested advice and incorporate them at YOUR pace, with the intention of loving self care and self education. Let’s do this together!

I welcome your comments and questions, please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to post your inquiries (anonymously of course) along with my responses.