Placenta Encapsulation

Womb Mates

Ancient Chinese Tradition Meets Modern Science

“Zi he che,” or prepared dried placenta, has been used as a post partum tonic for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine. As an herbalist, I prepare each placenta according to the ancient Chinese tradition. The placenta is steamed with herbs, drained, dehydrated, and encapsulated. I employ my extensive training in placentaphagy to fully examine and prepare each placenta in a surgically clean and dedicated environment.

Why Encapsulate?

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation include

Decreases “baby blues” and postpartum depression

Increases and enriches breastmilk production

Contains B vitamins that increase energy and fight fatigue

Is iron-rich, lowering chances of depression and iron deficiency

Can improve sleep

Replenishes nutrients lost during childbirth

Contains oxytocin that increases uterine contraction, enhances bonding, reduces bleeding and promotes wound healing

Contains POEF molecules that provides natural pain relief

How it works

Consult one-on-one with Cecily to discuss any thoughts or questions you may have

Fill out Womb Mates encapsulation intake form

Have your birth partner or member of your birth support team call/text Cecily directly when your baby is born at 720-544-1551

Your placenta will be picked up within 24 hours of delivery (typically within a few hours following)

Your capsules will be delivered back to you within 24 hours

Your safety and health are my top priority!

Licensed Acupuncturist, Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine

Licensed Herbalist, PBi Placenta Preparation Certified, Certified Food Handler*

*Placentas are prepared in a dedicated space using surgical standards of cleanliness and equipment sanitization

Package Includes

Pick-up of Placenta
Delivery of Capsules
Lactation Goodies & Heart-shaped Cord Keepsake

Pricing $250