Fertility Acupuncture

At Fertile Ground, the journey to fertility is the art of combining natural medicine with healthy lifestyle choices, and sometimes assisted reproductive technologies, that will not only promote physical healing, but that of mind and spirit as well.

Treatments are comprehensive and include acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, diet and lifestyle counseling, and helping patients make sense of western lab work and test results.

Pregnancy Wellness

Acupuncture can maintain a healthy pregnancy and help with many of the discomforts of pregnancy including:

Nausea and morning sickness
Muscular aches and pains including low back and carpal tunnel pain
Anxiety and stress relief

Lactation Support

Acupuncture has an effect on the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands that are responsible for making the hormones oxytocin and prolactin needed for adequate breast milk production. One or two consecutive treatments are all it takes to increase supply. Patients receive acupuncture and rest for about thirty minutes, followed by oxtocin releasing acupressure and are then sent home with a warm plate of our homemade lactation cookies. Plan for a one hour treatment for acupuncture or two hours with lactation consult with baby with Cecily, our certified lactation consultant and acupuncturist.

Eighty-seven percent of our patients see an increase in milk supply within 24 hours of treatment.


Cecily specializes in gynecological health and can help with such conditions as:

Vaginal infections
Painful periods
Menopausal Symptoms

Allergy Acupuncture

Allergy issues prove challenging and are some of the most common medical problems encountered today. They can prove to be some of the most difficult complications to treat and eliminate. The established Western medical treatment for allergies is both cumbersome and risky. Some acupuncture techniques offer various methods that may help attenuate the allergy symptoms and at times help eliminate the allergy symptoms for some period of time.

SAAT Allergy Treatment

SAAT (Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment) is a newly introduced powerful technique that eliminates the allergic reactions permanently. In clinical practice for over a 10-year period, this technique offered unprecedented relief from allergies with no recurrence of the allergen treated.

The SAAT technique is recommended for the treatment of all types of allergies including environmental allergies, food, medications, and toxins. The technique involves a one-time insertion of a small needle (3-6 mm) in the ear that allows the elimination of the allergic reaction to that particular allergen. The treatment is also likely to eliminate any cross allergies for that particular allergen.
With the SAAT treatment we use Auricular Medicine to identify the acupuncture point that commands the rigid immune response. By needling this point, with a single needle we are able to correct the rigid response and eliminate the allergic reactions, in most cases permanently.

To find out more about SAAT, please visit: SAAT & How It Works


Initial Visit- Fertility (2 hr appt)$200
Follow-Up Fertility$80
Couples Fertility Treatment (Follow-Up)$100
Lactation Support (no initial visit fee)$100
Pre & Post IUI and IVF In office$120
Pre & Post IUI or IVF Tx On Site$250
Acupuncture to prepare for labor (no initial visit fee)$100
Acupuncture to encourage ideal position of baby (no initial visit fee) $100
Ultrasound Check$50
Pediatric Visit (ages 2 and under) $50
Acupuncture House Calls$200
In-Hospital Treatment (First 2 Hours)$200
Sports Acupuncture$140
Sports Follow-Up$70