Cecily's Recommendations

Here are my favorite brands, products and services that promote aligned health

I have taken the time to research products, services and businesses with a fine tooth comb for you. I hold each of these to impeccable standards and they are the things I trust for my own and my family’s aligned optimal health. These recommendations are 100% fertility and pregnancy friendly and foster excellent hormone balance for any stage of life. As with all of my recommendations, I research to the cellular level, making sure these things are beneficial and healthy to our very cells that our bodies are constructed from. I will add updates as I research new information. Enjoy these lovely things!

*Look for special discounts generously offered by the companies I recommend

The New Dirty Dozen

The New Dirty Dozen

Once a year the Environmental Working Group sets out to test and analyze multiple samples of fruits and vegetables, to see exactly how much pesticide contamination we’re consuming. The group analyzed more then 38,800 nonorganic samples taken by the USDA and the Food...

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