Postpartum can be both a joyous and challenging time for new mothers. While recovering from the stress and sometimes trauma of labor and delivery, it is very common for mothers to experience difficulties while adapting to changes in the body and the new role of motherhood. Postpartum chiropractic care can help new mothers during this recovery process by supporting a new mother during many of the changes her body will undergo. Chiropractic care can help a new mother heal quicker, feel more comfortable and mobile so she can best care for herself and her baby during this new phase.


Chiropractic care after birth can help new mothers to recover faster. During delivery, the mother’s body releases a hormone called relaxin, which allows the ligaments to become more pliable. This helps the pelvis shift, open, and make room for the baby to be delivered. After birth, relaxin remains for up to 5 months, during this time the body is re-adjusting back to pre-pregnancy position and ligaments are regaining their strength. If the pelvis and spine are not aligned, this misalignment and uneven pull on muscle and ligaments can lead to discomfort which can become chronic.


Many women also suffer from upper back and neck pain related to breastfeeding, lifting and carrying your baby. Chiropractors can help new moms find more optimal positions during these repetitive daily movements which will help lessen the stress on the neck and upper back. Chiropractic adjustment to the neck and upper back also ensure the communication from the brain to the arms and hands is not interfered with. These gentle adjustments can help prevent common postpartum discomforts like carpal tunnel, thumb pain and even tingling and numbness in the hands and fingers.


Chiropractic can also help a new mother by caring for their infant with gentle, safe and effective pediatric care. Often times difficulties that arise during breastfeeding or nursing are related to misalignments in the upper spine of an infant as well as stress and tension related to the birthing process. Delivery is just as stressful on mom as it is baby even when labor and delivery is completely natural and without intervention. Gentle adjustments (no more pressure than you can tolerate on eyelid comfortably) can make huge changes to a baby’s ability to grow, develop, and adapt to its new surroundings.


Chiropractors are here to support new moms and ensure they feel and function at their best. Caring for a new baby is challenging, stressful, and tiring. It is important new mothers feel cared for and their are natural and holistic solutions for common discomforts and concerns. Chiropractors also often work hand in hand with other providers in the birthing community like, lactation consultants and postpartum doulas, who can further support a new mothers during the postpartum period so she can thrive! Chiropractic care is gentle, safe and effective for new mothers can help a new mom adapt to the challenges of motherhood so can enjoy all the joys a new baby brings.