When we exercise for fertility or hormone balance over all, we must consider what our bodies are saying back to us hormonally in regards to the type of exercise we choose.

One thing your muscles do when you strengthen them is to signal the release of human growth hormone, thyroid hormones and DHEA. These not only help construct proteins, they also burn excess fat, help regulate blood sugar, balance your major hormones, (adrenaline, cortisol and insulin) help you to sleep better, balance your sex hormones and de-age your entire body! 

As we age, human growth hormone is produced in smaller amounts. This is why in our teens and 20’s we could do lots of cardio, lose weight and feel just fine. It is important that we adjust our exercise to meet out hormonal needs to stay youthful and balanced hormonally.

Exercise that is too cardio heavy or all cardio, can raise cortisol and adrenaline to levels that actually cause you to be more hormone imbalanced and cause your body to tend to store more fat in the wrong places, such as the midsection. While cortisol and adrenaline are necessary hormones for life, secreting too much too often from too much cardio can use too many of your body’s resources too quickly and signal your reproductive system to slow down. 

Your muscles actually signal your hormones, and depending on how you use them, the signals can become pro or anti-fertility friendly. Strength training and building muscle causes your muscles to release signals hormonally that benefit your reproductive system by keeping your major hormones in check to balance your reproductive hormones. Your muscle’s signaling system also helps regulate hunger and cravings and burns fat when used well.

This does not mean you need to build giant bulging muscles to be hormonally fit! Exercises that use your large muscle groups work well. You can lift lighter weights and do lots of repetition to build strong lean muscles. Workouts like Mahri Relin’s Body Conceptions engage your large muscles, working them to exhaustion and strengthening them while building a healthy body hormonally. These workouts are a wonderful way to improve your fertile health. Go to fertilegroundwellnesscenter.com to watch a short video or follow the instructions below to receive a special offer on these wonderful workouts! 

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