My number one pick in Denver for delicious clean amazing Wild Fertility Food is Just Be Kitchen. You’re going to love it!!!
Just Be Kitchen at 236415th Street, Denver, CO 80202,justbekitchen.com
The charming casual atmosphere with adorable frames filled  inspirational sayings about the walls are the first things you will love about Just Be Kitchen, but definitely not the last..
Everything on the menu is free of gluten, grain, soy, corn and refined sugars, they use coconut oil as the main cooking fat and extra virgin olive oil for dressings and roasting. All proteins on the menu are the highest quality including; grass fed beef, humanely raised chicken, pastured eggs and pork without antibiotics. Don’t give a thought to what you can and can’t eat on the menu, its all clean and nutritious!
Finally a place to relax and order whatever you want!
Look at this gorgeous menu..
The first thing I tried was the Inspire Mediterranean Plate. It includes delicious falafel made with inflammation fighting turmeric, insanely good cauliflower hummus and the most amazing house made pickles and sweet potato salad. You will fall head over heels in love with the grain free tortilla, so order one to go, you will take it home and wrap everything else you can find in it!


I have since tried just about everything else on the menu and found each item to be unique and exquisite while full of flavor and including amazing nutrients.
Save some room for the fantastic array of nut and vegetable flour, grain-free baked goods/ desserts like this heavenly cinnamon cupcake made with almond and coconut,   mmmmm!!
Owner, Jennifer Peters, is delightful as is her friendly, kind and knowledgeable staff.
She designed her menu to include “comfort foods done in a mindful way” rather than the typical “health food” restaurant. She has designed incredibly nutrient dense recipes for things like biscuits, burgers and burritos. The result is phenomenal and delicious!
Jennifer strongly believes in the emotional connection to the eating experience so she even named her beautiful culinary creations after “different states of well-BEing.” Who doesn’t want to eat a dish called “divine” or “wonder”?!
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