I am excited for you to get to know Dr. Niki Popper of Integrated Physical Therapy of Colorado.


After completing her post doctoral work in pre and post natal pelvic care, she has built a practice specializing in women’s care. She mainly focuses on such disorders as; incontinence, pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, round ligament pain, rectus abdominis disorders and pre/post-operative prolapse disorders.


What I love about Niki’s practice is that she provides her patients with the tools they need to continue to improve their pelvic health. She spends a full 50 minutes in her first visit with patients for evaluation and 30-40 minutes for follow up appointments. She provides her patients with exceptional support and continuation of care.


If you are planning to become pregnant, are pregnant or in the postpartum period, take a look at the following flyer about Niki’s upcoming classes Labor of Love for your Body. In this class she will go into detail about the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, address common pregnancy conditions like Carpal Tunel syndrome and lower back pain and what to do about it, teach hip stabilizing exercises and you will go home with a large folder of information and exercises. Call or visit their website to sign up at 303-904-8133, www.iptcolorado.com.