There are so many amazing Doulas here in Denver, and for each one there is so much I could say. This month we are focusing on Carolyn Butler!

Carolyn Butler is a DONA Certified Labor Doula and a DONA and CAPPA certified Postpartum Doula as well as a Sleep Specialist. She has been doing professional doula work since 2010, as of 2015 she is a faculty member for CAPPA, training others to be Postpartum Doulas. Carolyn is also pursuing the CAPPA certification to become a Lactation Educator and the CAPPA Labor Doula Certification. She is a mother, grandmother and has been a teacher/trainer/facilitator for many years. She has a Masters in Applied Communication and shares this expertise in this arena with her clients.

Why Did Carolyn Become a Doula?
Carolyn has spent much of her life caring for babies, when she discovered the Doula world she was delighted to learn she could have a career in something she was so passionate about and had so much experience with. Everyone can have an empowering birth experience and Carolyn strives to give her clients the tools to make this possible.
Carolyn’s committment to providing appropriate and much needed services for postpartum period, helps her support new parents in their homes for the first few weeks (or months) until they are ready to “fly” on their own. She supports familieswith single babies and multiples to flourish on their own at home.

I have attended many births with Carolyn and many post partum visits. I am continually in awe of her knowledge base and her ability to calm her clients with her grounding and nuturing demeanor. She has extensive experience with so many different aspects of labor, birth and the postpartum period that there is little she has not encountered. My families that use Carolyn’s services sing her praises. They feel so secure and confident having had her as their birh and postpartum doula. If you’re searching for some nurture and wonderful tips and support surrounding your birth and postpartum experience consider and interview with Carolyn. She can be reached at doulawise@gmail.com or at 303-525-6743.