Vegetable cooking is often the most time consuming part of preparing a meal. It is vital to our health to include a variety of vegetables in to our diets, as they are beneficial to our hormone levels, our liver function, and they provide us with a variety of essential nutrients. Here are some ideas for food preparation that will save you every time from making the “quick food” choices we all make when we are in a rush or stressed.
Set aside some time once a week to prepare the bulk of your vegetables for the week. I do this each Sunday night and it takes less than 2 hours from start to finish including clean-up. Please do not view this as extra work, it is extraordinary self-care and self-love to take time to prepare for your week ahead! Vegetables made ahead of time can be delicious and will be there waiting for you when you are ready to prepare a meal. This bit of prep will also keep you from having to spend an hour per night making dinner from complete scratch and will open up the possibilities for lots of variation in your weekly recipes.
Begin by purchasing a variety of fresh veggies that YOU like. Try something new each week.
Try some purple sweet potato, a few beets, brussels sprouts, jicama, an onion, some asparagus, carrots and cauliflower.Grab some leafy greens and sautee them with garlic and onions. Keep the best oils on hand; some coconut oil, avocado oil, ghee, and/or good quality butter like Kerrygold brand or grassfed butter.

Take a few minutes to prep by washing and chopping everything at once

Toss with oil, salt and pepper

Bake at 450

Until soft and caramelized

Consider a veggie spiralizer, then sautee and use your spiralized veggies as noodles or just pop some in to your eggs in the morning or enjoy as a side dish with lunch or dinner.

Store everything in containers the fridge so it’s ready when you are! grab a handful of already cooked veggies and add them to each meal.
Enjoy saving time all week and adding excellent nutrition to your diet!