Today for lunch we attended a charity luncheon in support for an organization called Project Cure. It was to celebrate the First Lady of The Republic of Zambia, Her Excellency Esther Lunga. Esther, along with other notable first ladies (including Robin Hickenlooper and Mary Louise Lee), spoke on behalf of Project Cure explaining what the organization does as well as what everyone can do to help. Esther has broken many barriers, not just in in Zambia but around the world. She speaks on behalf of her people to better thAll Tableseir lives, as well as just being extremly involved in the community. Esther is a true gem of humanity.

Project Cure helps the millions of struggling families that need health care, which turns out to be almost impossible because the hospitals in developing countries do not have the basic supplies needed to perform even the most basic of tasks (like stitches). In Zambia there are about 590 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births compared to Colorado’s 20-40 deaths per 100,000 live births.

After exploring the Project Cure website a bit, I learned about all the amazing things this organization Is doing for so many. The first, which was talked about at the event, is the medical kit that just needs to be sent to the nations in need and holds about $500 of supplies and it only costs $25 once or you can sign up monthly to send one once a month. Donate Here! 

A one great way to get the kids involved is Kits for Kids, which is a way to get the whole family involved. Parents in developing countries do not have access to basic hygiene products and over the counter medicine and end up having to travel a great distance to have their child seen by a healthcare professional. For this kit you supply things that you would find in your medicine cabinet like tissues, soap, toothbrushes, etc.  For more information click here to learn how to donate!

With everything that has happened around the world lately with deadly hurricanes and earthquakes, everyone is looking for a way to help. Project Cure currently has two projects going to help; one project is for relief in Mexico after the devastating earthquakes that hit the southern part of Mexico, and then just days later hitting several other states in Mexico; The second project is hurricane relief in the Caribbean following Hurricane Irma which ravaged many developing countries like Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba leaving many without shelter, food, and healthcare. You can learn more about these two relief programs as well as donate here.

This is a great orginization, please consider donating.