Lindsay is a teacher for Birth Boot Camp as well as a Birth Doula and a Post partum Doula – she provides a full spectrum of support. The Birth Boot Camp classes run about 10 weeks per class, they include information regarding exercise and nutrition from a physical therapy perspective, they empower the birth partner to support the mother, and help her manage pain. Classes include interactive activities, variations of labor that prepare parents for surprises that many arise during labor, and information regarding alternative medicine providers to help parents make decisions on their birth plans. There are options available to do a hybrid class both online and in person, full online classes, or even a private class. Classes are $395.

Birth Doula helps with a natural birth as well as being able to keep the mother comfortable and positioning. Post Partum Doula deals with whatever the mother needs. Unfortunately she does not do overnights as she has her kids at home that need her as well. But she can cook, clean, or just be support. Lindsay’s Doula price ranges $25-28/hr with a 4 hour minimum.

So what made Lindsay want to start helping other mothers with this incredible journey? She was empowered by the birth of her first child and wanted to help empower other women in their journey. Lindsay started as a Birth Boot Camp child birth Instrcutor because it was the class she took with her husband before her first child and it really empowered them. After that training, she took a Gina Kirby Rebozo workshop and decided to add birth doula to her trainings. she is trained through Dona and certified as a labor doula through Birth Boot Camp. Lindsay mentioned “As I was reading books for birth doula trainings, I decided to do postpartum because it is an area so many women are not supported and wanted a vision of full spectrum support to be offered to clients who want support through the entire process.”  Through this type of model she is able to build strong relationship with the parents that can be extremely beneficial.

You can see Lindsey’s Birthbootcamp schedule here or you can call her at (504) 250-0282 or email her at rockymountainbirth@gmail.com