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There are plenty of “natural” beauty products available that are marketed to be healthier for us, but few of us has taken a look in to what it means to use truly clean products.

We think of our skin as the ultimate barrier between the inside and outside of us, and it is a wonderful barrier but it also has a high absorption rate.  Things applied to our skin can make their way in to the bloodstream in under a minute. Many popular products have endocrine disruptors that can lead to hormone imbalance in us and subsequently to our babies in pregnancy.

Treat yourself to a visit with the knowledgeable and lovely staff at Aillea! There you will find products hand selected by owner Kathryn Murry-Dickinson that are not only 100% safe but high performing beauty products. Check out the store here. Be sure to also inquire about Aillea’s loyalty program where you can accrue points towards products and discounts.

I met with owner Kathryn Murry-Dickinson to find out her “why” for opening Aillea and to learn more about her products and services.A decade ago, Kathryn was experiencing allergy- like symptoms, she went to her doctor for help and was given medication that made her feel even worse. As a result of her personal challenges she began paying attention to what she put in and on her body. She began to look at all of the products she was using. She became an avid label reader and became a full-fledged product investigator.  Once she learned about what was in her make-up and skin care she educated herself on what the ingredients actually are in popular products. She was surprised at how many companies were using creative labeling and marketing to “green wash” their brands to appear more “natural.” She believes the first step is education and “getting people to look at what they are looking at” regarding their products. She has made it her passion to research and provides high quality products that are free of hormone disruptors, toxic chemicals, and artificial ingredients. The result is a store filled with items that do not ask us to compromise our standards of performance.

I asked her where the typical consumer can begin on transitioning to healthier products without investing in all new care items all at once.  She recommends a new body wash, lotion and shampoo/conditioner as a place to begin, followed by deodorant and sunscreen. These are things that we use all over our bodies in large amounts so changing them out first is a wonderful initial step.

Alliea began online in 2014 and now has 2 locations in Denver CO with more to come around the country. Currently on staff at Alliea are two estheticians that spend their days educating clients and researching new products. Go visit her expert staff today and begin your product make over.

Kathryn and her staff are dedicated to finding products that not only are 100% safe to use, but actually perform well. Alliea currently carries over 45 different product lines that have been carefully scrutinized by Kathryn and her staff. I asked her to recommend some her favorite must-haves and then brought them home to try. They are:


The mascara stays on and does cover my lashes without clumps.

Indie Lee’s Squlane oil leaves my skin velvety soft.

Agent Nateur’s deodorant is the only alternative to antiperspirant that I have found that really works for me! I get through an entire work day and the gym with just one application. I do pat on a bit of baking soda after applying it to stay extra dry. I highly recommend the rose scent.

Suntegrity’s sun screen leaves my skin protected without white or purple staining of most alternative sun care products, I highly recommend picking some up

Visit Alliea stores in Lodo on Larimer Square, Cherry Creek Mall, or online at aillea.com