One of the questions I’m often asked is “what should my partner and I do in preparation for labor and delivery as far as classes?” I highly recommend ready4birth.com. There you can find a series of online classes taught by Rebekah Meurer. Since 2009 Rebekah has been helping families as a labor and birth doula. She also teaches childbirth preparation classes at one of Denver’s premier hospitals. Her vast knowledge and experience has led her to create an online video series to guide you through everything from pregnancy nutrition to stages of labor, anatomy and most importantly, what to expect and a wealth of information for you and your birth partner regarding comfort and support during all stages of labor, delivery and the postpartum period. Her passion is to inform and empower families as they welcome their babies. She encourages parents to listen to their intuition and enjoy their moments

Included are videos on comfort measures during labor and demonstrates with real couples the types of positions and support that will assist and empower couples in labor. These videos are packed full of information and include demonstrations, answers to common questions and even lovely guided meditations. The online subscription is good for 1 full year and can be viewed any time and you can review them as many times as you like and at any hour. I have personally reviewed her online classes and am proud to highly recommend them. They are comprehensive, interesting and filled with important and useful information that couples need as they expand their families!

These wonderful classes can be found at ready4birth.com and Rebekah has generously offered a discount of $20 if you use the code fertileground at checkout.