About Veronica

Veronica has been working as a hair stylist since she was 19 when she met Kimberly and is still at the same salon, Rucci. Kim with over

20 years of experience has been at the salon since it has opened and has been happy ever since.

Veronica believes that keeping a balance between beauty and health with hair as well as a person’s general well being is a top priority. She always starts by making sure the person loves herself; she also noted that in an industry such as this one

that can be a very difficult challenge. To Veronica it’s about more than just a hair cut, when someone is in her chair she wants to Connect with them and grow together.

What is the most important step when it comes to giving the client that dream cut? Veronica s


Recommended Products

Now let’s talk about the products. Veronica uses the Davines brand, which is completely sulfate and parabin free. All the ingredients com

ays the art of consultation is huge – to determine what the client’s vision for their hair they need to be

listened to as well as be understood.

e from farmers in Italy that are sent right to the salon. The products are made from fruits and vegetables and natural oils so it is absorbed into the hair. Veronica mentioned that the hair really only needs two things; protein and moisture. By putting oil in the hair it helps the natural oils reach the end so there is less breakage.