Compassionate & Integrated Health Care

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Fertile Ground was born out of a desire to provide high quality integrative health care to women and families with an emphasis on caring for the whole person, in a nourishing environment that promotes wellness for patients, staff and community. Patients are given respectful undivided attention with complete focus on their individual needs and access to a range of practitioners with each treatment plan tailored to the individual.

Words cannot express how thankful we are

Words cannot express how thankful we are for your help during our journey with infertility. Being in your care was such a positive experience for us. You were our cheer leader when we were down, out confidante when we needed to talk, and our friend when we were celebrating. We firmly believe that our journey ended successfully with fertility because of you. You believed in us when the doctors did not, and in the end you were right!

You are such an amazing woman. You give your time and share your talents selflessly. You will touch the lives of so many people.
L. & M. Parents of a beautiful son

Wellness Throughout Life

At Fertile Ground we provide a continuum of support for women and families from puberty to menopause and beyond. We feel that fertile living involves actively participating in your own wellness during each stage of life. We are here to help you achieve fertile living in all that you do!

Elements Of Fertile Living

Birthing and living your passions

Cultivating inner strength, integrity, and autonomy

Living with the awareness that you are the source of your own power

Learning to listen to and trust your innate wisdom

Recognizing the core connection between the physical and nonphysical body

Cultivating a symbiotic relationship with the natural world

Fostering relationships that are nurturing and nourishing

Engaging in a community of support

Realizing that your health care providers act as guides, but you are ultimately the director of your treatment path.